Welcome to My New Home Acupuncture Clinic in East Bristol

Work finished on my new acupuncture studio about one and a half months ago, but since then we have been very busy getting the new space ready as well as getting ready for the arrival of our second daughter! Today, I’m just taking the time to share some images of the lovely new clinic, and let you know why I think it’s the best space that I’ve worked in to date. If you’re considering acupuncture or tuina massage in Bristol, I’m sure you will be pleased with the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that we have created.


I should say a big thanks to Nai Fox for the amazing photos and to our willing model for jumping in to help out at the last minute. A big thank you also to Masie for all of the lovely plants.


The Best Acupuncture Clinic For Me

Inside True Fortune Acupuncture


Even after adding in all of the insulation needed to turn our old outbuilding into a beautiful studio, we were still left with the perfect amount of space to welcome clients and give treatments. It’s very important to me that clients can feel at ease when they visit me, and this space is perfect for that.


Many clients have commented on the beautiful wood panelling that you see on the ceiling, and the windows have helped to make it a very light and airy space. One other thing that I love, but might only be appreciated by fellow acupuncturists, is the inclusion of an extractor fan to remove the smoke produced when I use moxa during my treatment process.



Up until now, I’ve been working in shared spaces so I haven’t been able to set things up to my own standards. With the super comfortable couch, relaxing environment, and calming treatments, I’ve already had to wake a number of clients at the end of their appointments.


Multiple Healing Methods at My Fingertips

Andrew Preparing to Give Acupuncture


It’s also such a pleasure to have the tools of my trade here at my fingertips. I’ll never again have to worry about not having the right needle, not having the right oil or liniment, or not having enough glass cups on hand. My approach to treatment is always tailored to a client’s needs on any given day so having everything to hand makes it much easier to think on my feet about the best methods to apply.

You can follow this link to find out more about the techniques I use such as acupuncture, moxa, tuina massage, guasha, and cupping.


Great Memories of my Time in China and Taiwan

Andrew Greeting a Client

The two pieces of calligraphy to the left of the bookshelf are mementoes of the time I spent studying and pursuing research in China and Taiwan. These were both written by Fazang Fashi, a Taiwanese Buddhist monk who I had the fortune to spend many months studying with. The piece on the left reads ‘empty heart’ – a reminder that everything in life (not least our own minds) is in a constant state of change. The piece on the right reads ‘non-duality’ – a reminder of the fundamental connection that exists between all things.


These two pieces of calligraphy remind me that everyone I see for treatment is a unique manifestation of the causes and conditions that have brought them to my door, and also remind me of the deep connection that exists between myself, my environment, and the people that I spend time with.


A Home Clinic with Complete Privacy

Andrew's Family Outside the Clinic

Access to my new clinic is through the garage at the side of our house. Your privacy and comfort are my utmost concern, and I have a duty to protect all of the information that you share during your sessions. You might occasionally hear the laughter of small children, but I hope that this will only add to the relaxing atmosphere we have created. 


Contact Me for Caring and Effective Acupuncture Treatment in BristolAndrew Wormald

So, welcome to my new acupuncture studio. I wish you all the best of health, but if you need support with any physical or mental ailment, or simply with getting back to feeling yourself, then please do get in touch. I’m always happy to help and you’re welcome to pop in and see me to find out how acupuncture and tuina might help. If you’d like to book a complimentary consultation, please use this link. (I won’t be able to see you without an appointment)

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