True Fortune

Andrew Wormald PhD, LicAc, DipTn, DipObsGyn, MBAcC.

Acupuncture, Acupressure & Qigong Specialist

My approach to treatment is based in Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture, combined with a strong emphasis on acupressure massage and with prescribing qigong based therapeutic exercise.

My interest in these practices began in 1998 when I attended my first Tai Chi training course and my eyes were opened to the possibilities of physical, energetic and mental transformation that this art offered. This interest ultimately led to a PhD at the University of Bristol researching Chinese history and culture, and later to training as an Acupuncturist – graduating from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in 2020 with a LicAc and BSc in Acupuncture, and receiving post-graduate diplomas in Tuina Massage (Acupressure) and Women’s Health from the same institution. Aside from my own practice, I also currently work at a renowned women’s health clinic in Clifton, Bristol where I receive personal supervision from experts in the field. I am qualified by the Buqi Institute to teach Tai Chi and Qigong.

My wife’s surname is Fortune and I knew she would think it a great idea to name my acupuncture practice after her. Health and happiness are, without a doubt, some of the truest fortunes that we can possess in this life.

Kirsten HarrisKirsten Harris
20:48 19 Jun 22
Andrew at True Fortune was fantastic. I'd never had acupuncture before, and went as it had been recommended to me to do alongside IVF. Andrew held the space with sensitivity and expertise - always taking the time to explain what he was doing and why. I really appreciated his calm, kind approach, tailored to my particular situation. And I'm now 37 weeks pregnant 🙂 I'd strongly recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture, and particularly for fertility/IVF issues
Ruth WilesRuth Wiles
11:42 11 May 22
I went to Andrew for Acupressure for my sciatica. I hadn't had it before but it was really effective A proper treatment. In the past I have tried multiple Chiropractors and Thai Massage but this will be my first port of call if it flairs up again. Thank you very much!
18:45 25 Apr 22
Andrew is a professional, attentive and caring acupuncturist.The premises are nice and relaxing and Andrew listens to your problems.My health issues at present are a little complex, but my consultations with Andrew, his knowledge of the body and his treatment protocol including bodywork, nutrition advice and breathing exercises have been extremely beneficial to me and have resulted in both temporary and more permanent improvement of my symptoms.I will continue to use Andrew and his practice regularly as a viable treatment.
Donna GrantDonna Grant
07:20 09 Apr 22
Andrew was recommended to me through a friend, and I began seeing him last year. Acupuncture is a treatment I’ve found works well for me and since moving to Bristol I was on the look out for a good therapist. I have found the treatment Andrew provides is very effective for keeping me well and fine tuned! I have dermatitis on my hands and usually becomes inflamed during the winter months. Although not totally removed, I noticed significant reduced symptoms and my hand is are much more comfortable. Since having the treatment I also felt I have more energy even though I have a young child and a business these can be demanding and tiring. Andrew is a patient listener, who takes time to understand me and I get the impression he is very thorough. He approach is kind, gentle and he his knowledge of acupuncture is extensive. He is clearly passionate about what he does to help peoples mental and physical well-being. Highly recommend.
Catriona MundleCatriona Mundle
11:37 26 Aug 21
Strong, gentle and effective: Andy Wormald's rare and special combination of tuina and acupuncture succeeded in releasing my frozen shoulder (and improving my mood) , after osteopathy, massage and (extremely painful) physiotherapy had all failed. Highly recommended.
Stuart SimStuart Sim
15:36 25 Aug 21
As both a sceptic of alternative medicine and not particularly keen on needles, acupuncture should be at the bottom of my list of treatments to try. Luckily I decided to come for some sessions with Andy and that perspective has totally changed! I've had long-term lower back issues due to an injury at work and have tried many different treatments. I booked in for three sessions with Andy and was blown away at the difference I felt after them. He was really thorough in his initial assessment, and we agreed on a varied course of massage and needles, as well as some more hollistic advice to take home. His calming demeanour kept me calm throughout and I actually sort of enjoyed the sessions, to my surprise.I have previously been in near-constant lower back pain and this has now reduced to just when I've done more strenuous activities. I'll definitely be doing more sessions in the future to see if this can improve further!
Emma SnaggeEmma Snagge
17:11 26 Jan 20
Andrew is a wonderful teacher. l enjoyed learning the TaiChi 13 and experienced real moments of stillness and silence in the standing and sitting meditations. Looking forward to part 2!
Barbara ConwayBarbara Conway
08:26 23 Jan 20
Andrew's Workshop was an excellent day. I enjoyed it all and would like to say that it is like a moving meditation, very graceful and peaceful, allowing you to bring harmony into your personal self. The day was well attended and it was also good to meet like-minded people. Highly recommended. Barbara
John SkeffingtonJohn Skeffington
23:33 22 Jan 20
I attended a Qigong & Tai Chi Thirteen (part 1) workshop that Andrew ran. The workshop was very well organised. Andrew created a very relaxed and comfortable learning environment. It was clear from his explanations that he has a great depth of knowledge about what he is teaching. Andrew explained the movements clearly and ensured that everyone, in a mixed ability group, was able to enjoy the experience and improve their practice.
r fr f
17:33 26 Nov 19
Andrew is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience to share. I feel much more energetic and focused after his classes. I highly recommend him!
Ehsan SaloutEhsan Salout
10:13 28 Aug 19
Andrew is a great teacher. I've been practicing Tai Chi with Andrew over 5 month and I can't recommend him more. Her is very knowledgeable and he goes into details of each movement very precisely. I've been practicing marshal arts for many years and along the way had practiced a few different style of Qigong/ Tai Chi. But I feel so connected to the style that Andrew teaches. it has changed my life for good.

Areas of Special Interest

Pregnant Woman Holding Belly


My interest in acupuncture for pregnancy and childbirth first arose while supporting my wife through her pregnancy with our first child. This was such an important time of life for both of us, and I found great satisfaction in being able to offer drug-free relief for a number of issues that affected her. You can read more about the common pregnancy related symptoms that acupuncture may benefit here.

Client with Anxiety Holding Head


Many people don’t think about the effect that acupuncture treatment might have on their mental state, but Chinese Medicine is based on the view that there is an intimate connection between all aspects of our body and mind. Therefore, by working with the physical and energetic levels of the body, we can have an impact on what is going on within the mind. One of the most satisfying things that I can hear from a client is that they are starting to more feel more like their old selves again.

Client with Neck Pain Holding Neck

Injury & Pain

Helping clients with musculoskeletal and pain problems is immensely satisfying as it allows me to immerse myself in the more physical levels of acupuncture practice. It is very satisfying to be able to offer help for the chronic pain that some clients are sadly living with on a daily basis. These treatments are also a great opportunity to apply acupressure techniques, which many clients find to be unlike other bodywork modalities they have experienced before.

Teaching Tai Chi & Qigong

I started my Tai Chi journey around 1998 with a wonderful teacher who had studied traditional Yang style Tai Chi in the lineage of Dr Chi Chiang-Tao (Qi Jiangtao). At the time I knew him, he had also started to study with Dr Shen Hongxun and I went on to attend many weekend and residential courses with Dr Shen.

I had the good fortune to study with the Dr Shen for around ten years before his passing in 2011, and, since then, have continued to practice under the guidance of his daughter Shen Jin, as well as other senior students in Dr Shen’s lineage. I find it immensely gratifying to be able to accompany students on the journey of physical, energetic and emotional transformation that is Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

Tai Chi Teaching
Tai Chi Practice
Tai Chi Balance

Research & Translation

Hand Written Chinese Characters

I received my PhD from the University of Bristol based on a study of Buddhist meditation practices in early twentieth century China. This work led to me living in China for almost five years, and to becoming proficient in both spoken and written Mandarin Chinese. My research and translation interests are now directed more towards the history of Chinese Medicine and its application in a modern clinical setting.

I am currently working on a translation of Qigong master Zhou Qianchuan’s commentary on The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, as well as a biography of the Tibetan Buddhist master Gongga Huofo.

Need a little help?

The simplest way to get in touch is to call me on 07379 281275 or send a WhatsApp message. I am often in clinic, but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can use the form below to request a call back at a time to suit you.