Bristol Tai Chi and Qigong Class News (June 2023)

Today I have a number of updates to share about my Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Bristol.


New Tai Chi & Qigong Terms at the Bristol Folk House

Wednesday, September 13th – £102

The next 12-week terms for Tai Chi & Qigong will start on September 13th. We will continue to develop the fundamental exercises and internal forces/energies that are awakened through practice.

In the Taiji class, we will continue to practice the Taiji 13 form, but will also introduce postures from the Taiji 37 form.

Time is limited, but I will aim to introduce some partner exercises too – circle walking (bagua) in Taijiwuxigong, and pushing hands in Taiji.

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Tai Chi Workshop at the Bristol Folk House

Saturday, 9th September – £54

Workshops are a great way to delve deeper into Taiji practice as we can spend more time cultivating the quiet mind and internal energy that are integral to this practice.

Given the timing of this workshop, it will also be a good opportunity to refresh your understanding of the Taiji 13 form before the new weekly classes start on the 13th.

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Qigong (Taijiwuxigong) & Meditation Workshop at the Bristol Folk House

Saturday, 28th October – £54

In this workshop, I will focus more on the sitting exercises that are a fundamental part of our practice.

In the morning we will practice fundamental exercises of the Taijiwuxigong system and in the afternoon we will focus on seated meditation exercises.

These exercises will help to open the major channels of the body and help us find the ‘centre of the mind’ – a state of quiet awareness integral to our practice.

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Andrew Translating for Shen Jin

Shen Jin Qigong (Taijiwuxigong) & Meditation Workshop in Bristol

21st to 23rd October (3 days) – £225

Shen Jin will be returning to Bristol in October 2023.

Her visit in March was a great success and the booking was over-subscribed, so to avoid disappointment, please register early for October!

Cost: £225 (Less than whole course: 1 day £80, 2 days £150)

Read more about Shen Jin & Our Qigong Style

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Class Feedback & Reviews

For current students, I would really appreciate any feedback you have about how this term has been for you. If you can let me know aspects that have been helpful and areas that I could improve that would be great. Feel free to mention anything to me in person or you can email me:


Also, if you have the time to leave a review that would be really helpful in terms of spreading the word about my classes. You can use the following link:


Online Q&A

In the time between the end of this term and the beginning of the next, I’d like to schedule some online meetings so that I can answer any practice-related questions that might come up for you. I’m thinking that a good time for this would be 12 pm on a Wednesday, but it could be 8 pm if that works better for more people.

If this is something that you would be interested in joining then please let me know by email:


Class Photos & Videos

If you have any photos or videos from our classes that you would be happy for me to use in promoting our group to a wider audience then please let me know.


Thanks 🙏

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