Back Pain

As both a sceptic of alternative medicine and not particularly keen on needles, acupuncture should be at the bottom of my list of treatments to try. Luckily I decided to come for some sessions with Andy and that perspective has totally changed! I’ve had long-term lower back issues due to an injury at work and have tried many different treatments. I booked in for three sessions with Andy and was blown away at the difference I felt after them. He was really thorough in his initial assessment, and we agreed on a varied course of massage and needles, as well as some more holistic advice to take home. His calming demeanour kept me calm throughout and I actually sort of enjoyed the sessions, to my surprise. I have previously been in near-constant lower back pain and this has now reduced to just when I’ve done more strenuous activities. I’ll definitely be doing more sessions in the future to see if this can improve further!