I’ve practised Tai Chi and other forms of Qigong before but found Andrew’s Qi Gong has the most potent healing effect. The movement of Qi Gong itself is simple. Still, the effect is deeply internal and have a profound healing effect in all aspects of our mind, body and spirit. Having said the movement was simple, it requires great concentration with using the focused gaze throughout the Qi Gong. The concentrated gaze trains our mind to be singly focused and helps develop our focus in whatever we do in everyday life. It takes discipline to cultivate skills of concentration and may take some time. However, the clear and easy-to-follow guidance of Andrew enable students to reach that level of higher focus and increased awareness with more ease. I have problems with concentrating and have difficulty sitting for long hours during the lecture. But Andrew’s Qi Gong lesson has helped me focus better, and it also has helped improve my practical acupuncture skills such as needling (improved posture, increased sense of groundedness, and the ease of directing intention). I had shaky legs and knees afterwards, and throughout the day which Andrew explained that it is a sign that the channels in the legs have opened, thus the Earth energy/Qi is travelling up along the channels from the foot. By letting the Earth Qi in from the ground and Heavenly Qi in from the sky, both Qi is able to circulate all over our body, thus, invigorating the body with increased energy and vitality. I felt energised at the same time relaxed with my feet firmly grounded into the earth, which gave me the emotional stability and balance. I’m hoping Andrew will do workshops or retreat where I can attend in the future, and looking forward to the next lesson at college.

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