I sought Andrew’s support after dealing with chronic stress arising from being 24/7 carer for a family member, living with the heartache of multiple bereavements of close friends over 2023, and trying to recover from the side-effects of a month of chemotherapy in early 2024 which had wiped me out and brought me to my knees.

Inspired by the Bristol based National Centre for Integrative Medicine’s holistic approach to regaining health, I asked Andrew for Tuina Massage to complement the Medical Herbalist, Oncology Nutritionist and distant healing support that I had arranged in order to restore my health and wellbeing. Compassionately, Andrew agreed to provide some seven sessions at an accessible rate for which I am deeply grateful. I have found my contact with Andrew and the Tuina he practices to be really supportive and I hope to be able to book a monthly maintenance session if his diary allows. Thankyou Andrew.

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